Parties of the Agreement:

This Agreement;

a) Karaağaç Mh., which operates on the website. Yiğittürk Cd. No: 4 C Blok Hadımköy Büyükçekmece İstanbul, with ZUCCİ HOME ETİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ (hereinafter abbreviated as "ZUCCIHOME" in the contract)

b) It has been agreed by agreement between the internet user who is a member of the website and resides at the address specified by him on the membership page (hereinafter abbreviated as "Member" in the contract).

2. Subject of the Contract:

This Agreement regulates the benefits of the member from the website and from the services offered by ZUCCIHOME, the products offered for sale, and the privileges specific to the member against the specified conditions and fees.

3. Provisions of the Contract:

3.1. Any issue that is not explicitly committed in this contract cannot be interpreted as if it was against ZUCCIHOME. Unless otherwise stated in writing by ZUCCIHOME, ZUCCIHOME will have the right to demand the fees announced on the site for the products and services on the site.

3.2. This membership agreement does not impose any financial commitment or obligation on the Member. The member will only be obliged to pay the prices of the products and services to be ordered from the website and other related fees. No additional fees will be charged for membership.

3.3. ZUCCIHOME, after the signing of this contract, under the names of GOLD membership, PLATINUM membership and other names, the rights granted to the member of this contract, more qualified than the membership features, more different features, including privileges, discount rights, paid or other commitments. can. In this case, the membership will not be changed for a fee without the consent of the Member, but the member will not be able to request new and paid services without upgrading the paid membership features or activating the membership that includes the services and privileges they want to enjoy.

3.4. The Member declares and undertakes that the personal and other information provided while signing up to the website is correct before the law, and that ZUCCIHOME will compensate all damages that may be incurred due to the misconduct of this information.

3.5. The member cannot give the password given to him / her to other persons or organizations while he / she is a member of the website, and the member has the right to use the password in question. For this reason, ZUCCIHOME reserves the right to claim all kinds of compensation and other claims arising from such unauthorized use against all claims and demands that may be brought against ZUCCIHOME by third parties or competent authorities.

3.6. The member accepts and undertakes to comply with the provisions of the legal legislation and not to violate them while benefiting from the special services available on the website. Otherwise, all legal and criminal liabilities that may arise will bind the member completely and exclusively.

3.7. The Member cannot use the website and portal services in a way that disrupts public order, violates general morality, disturbs and harasses others, for an illegal purpose, infringes on the intellectual and copyrights of others, can not be made available for use by individuals, or subject to commercial activities such as leasing or offering for sale. In addition, members cannot engage in activities (spam, virus, trojan horse, etc.) and transactions that prevent or make it difficult for others to use the services.

3.8. The opinions and thoughts declared, written and used by the members on the website are entirely members' own personal opinions and bind the opinion holder. These views and thoughts are of no interest or connection with ZUCCIHOME. ZUCCIHOME does not have any responsibility for the damages that third parties may suffer due to the opinions and opinions of the member and the damages that may arise from the actions and actions of third parties that the Customer may suffer during the use of the services.

3.9. ZUCCIHOME will not be responsible for unauthorized reading of member data and any damages to member software and data. The member has agreed in advance not to claim compensation from ZUCCIHOME for any damage he may incur due to the use of the website and portal services.

3.10. The member agrees not to access or use the software and data of other internet users without permission. Otherwise, the legal and criminal responsibilities that may arise from this belong to the member.

3.11. The member who violates one or more of the articles listed in this membership agreement is personally liable in criminal and legal terms for this violation, and ZUCCIHOME '